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Headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA and headed up by Shelby Lewis, Early Music Maker (EMM) is the public mouthpiece for Shelby's career as a performer and designer in the music world. With a specialization in early music, EMM also provides support to performers, makers, and scholars. EMM specializes in design matters, from the very seeds of a concept to the final product. Whether you’re a performer or maker, EMM offers performing, design, photographic, and consulting services that can help your next project reach its fullest potential.  

Shelby has been a professional musician for nearly 30 years with a current specialty in early music... and a designer/photographer for 15. This combination of performance experience in combination with a keen design sensibility gives EMM a rich skillset with which to tackle of the problems facing 21st century entrepreneurs in the early music world. 

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How can EMM help?

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In addition to offering professional level skills as an early music trumpeter, Shelby offers contracting and consulting services in support of your next performance project  (personnel, programming, instrumentation, and so forth). Extensive on-stage experience ensures your success.

Graphic Design

EMM has a wide range of design experiences in the performing arts. Whether tasked with the creation of promotional materials for an upcoming performance ... or bespoke design services such as logos, stationary, and websites... Shelby has more than a decade of training and experience in the visual design world. 

Instrument Making

Shelby possesses a Masters Degree in Architecture with extensive practice in 3D modeling. As a fledgling instrument maker himself, he also has the ability to provide other makers with accurate 3D models, cad services, and design drawings... as well as consultations regarding 21st century manufacturing processes. 


Shelby'd first "visual love" was for photography. After years of serious study and practice, he "went pro" in 2003. Since then, he's had vast experiences in most major photographic genres, but has a special love for music photography, especially headshots and live performances/rehearsals. 

Acoustics and Recording

Shelby has also spent considerable personal time and training in the fields of acoustics and recording and can offer consultation to early music entrepreneurs looking to get the best quality out of their recorded materials in a variety of sound formats... whether for auditions, archival purposes, or social media. 

"You" Consulting

You and your work are your brand.

However, implementing "you" isn't always as clear cut as it seems. Drop Shelby a note and set up an initial consultation regarding how a holistic approach to formulating a branding strategy might benefit you and/or your organization.



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As the head of Early Music Maker, I (Shelby Lewis) have a broad range of skills that encompass performance and instrument-making alongside keen design abilities in the audio and visual realms. Send me a note if you've got a project with which I might be of assistance.     

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